Are Times Changing in Gilbert?

By Gary Livacari Gilbert has earned numerous accolades and awards showcasing the town as a “best place to live” and a “safest community in America.”  These recognitions are a compelling testament to the efficacy of fiscally restrained, conservative governing principles in unleashing economic opportunity. The reason for Gilbert’s success is no secret.  Elected officials previously adopted disciplined public spending plans that enabled an exceptionally low tax burden.  As a result, hard working, family-driven residents have flocked to Gilbert to enjoy freedom from the costly and gratuitous interference of the public sector. Unfortunately, the current Town Council has decided to embark…

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What does it mean to be a conservative?

Conservatives typically believe in personal responsibility, individual liberty, a limited government, and traditional American values. While we all differ in our own personal life experiences and definitions of what it is to be a conservative the AZCCV pursues issues with a view of conservatism that focuses on the above mentioned qualities.